Hiya Readers!!

So.. I haven’t posted here in a while… I’ve been busy, plus I just went school supply shopping. Can you believe that?! SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING?!

June went by so slow, I was loving it. Then July comes and BAM! we’re at the end of the month. What gives?

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to be finally going to college, but honestly? I don’t want the summer to end. It’s just been so much fun.  I think this was the best summer I’ve ever had. Minus all the drama I’ve been in. Other than that, it’s been a roller coaster. An exhilarating roller coaster.

So.. I’m going to write out a fantasy of mine. Tell me what you think, will ya?


Toni’s wrists were tied above her head to the head-board. Both ankles tied to a bed post, her body on pillows, making her butt riding high in the air. She squirmed, trying to get off the pillows, tugging at the leather and fur cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She whimpered, knowing that Aaron cuffed her good and tight, and she wasn’t escaping any time soon.

“You’re being naughty. I told you no squirming. I had to tie you up to keep you from escaping. Now be a good girl and stay still.” Aaron growled behind her. Toni strained her neck trying to see where he was. She gave him a puppy dog look, fluttering her eyelashes and pouting slightly.

“Baby please un-cuff me. I’ll be a good girl. I will. I promise. Please let me go?” Toni pleaded, wiggling her bottom just for effect.

He’ll never let her know it but that cute pout of her’s always softened him. Curse him if his baby girl ever figures out how much power she has over him with her adorable pout. Not to mention her soft lips, beautiful breasts, long legs and…

Shaking himself out of the day dream, Aaron smiled wickedly and patted Toni’s bare bottom. “In due time baby girl. In due time.”

Toni only whimpered then squealed when her man spanked her a few times. “Now stay still. Or I’m going to punish you.”

“Jerk!” Toni huffed to herself, trying not to squirm. The sting in her bottom fueling her arousal, making her lips further south wet.

Aaron was leaning against the dresser at the end of the bed up against a wall. A few of his toys laying next to him as he watched his beautiful spitfire hips move, the movement making her soft folds catch the light, and Aaron groaned his response to the sight. It’s arousing enough to see his girl spread out, tied down so submissively, but seeing that she’s loving it, as he knew she would, just made this better.

“Such a naughty girl.” Aaron purred, running his hand up his girl’s left leg, to her knee. Going up the inside of her thigh, he went just high enough so his nails just barely skimmed her pink folds, but backed off and went around her bottom to the base of her spine, following it up to her neck.

Toni moaned softly when she felt her lovers nails rake along her sensitive lips. But growled when he didn’t proceed, still leaving her needy and unsatisfied. “I may be naughty but you’re a brat!”

Aaron hummed, and brushed Toni’s freshly straightened hair out of the way. Pressing his lips to the lightly damp skin of her neck, and floating gentle kisses down her spine and onto her bottom. “I’m a brat?” Aaron asked, whispered words against her hip. “That may be but I’m also your Top. Which makes you the bigger and naughtier brat.” A few gentle spanks fell on her butt as he said it.  

“Top logic never made much sense to me.” Toni mumbled, her squirming continuing as the need between her legs continued growing.

Aaron shook his head. Seems like his little girl is going to be exceptionallly naughty tonight. A wicked grin spread over his lips as he thought about ways of punishing and tormenting his girl tonight. Deliscious ways that’ll have her moaning and whimpering, yelping and squealing in the matter of minutes.

A shiver ran through herbody as she heard her man chuckle. He’s up to something. Someting evil and Dom-ish.

“Baby?” Toni hestantly said. Trying to peek at her guy through her hair. Aaron was smiling, his smoldering gaze resting on hers as he caught her eyes looking at him.

“Naughty girl.” Aaron scolded his nails raking along her bottom, making goose bumps rise and her breathing hitch. He walked over to the side of the bed and sat down on it, pulling his loves hair to the other side of her head so he could see her face.

Confusion and lust was what it was telling him. One of his hands slipped under his girl and teased her breast. Pinching and twirling her nipples making them taut. Toni moaned deep in her throat, trying to loose herself into the delicious fog.

“Very naughty girl.” Aaron murmured in her ear as his other hand found her wetness and cupped her sex. Toni gasped, the immediate contact making her crazy with need. Then she moaned aloud, her pink lips parting her eyes shut as she tried to move against his hand, a finger stroking her clit.

“Such a beautiful naughty girl.” Aaron purred then with a few more teasing circles, he inserted two fingers into his girl’s hot core while at the same time pinched one of her nipples.

Toni’s eyes shocked open as she felt his fingers become more demanding. “Aaron!”

Aaron only smiled and started to slowly thrust in and out of her. Her apperciated moan stroking his libido. He continued to finger her. Toni’s moans filling the room, her arousal perfuming the air as she moved her hips trying to take him deeper. Her inner walls tried to suck him in, the only thing on her mind was pleasure and the wonderful sensations he was creating.

Knowing she was close to orgasm, Aaron continued his thrusting, one finger on her tiny organ, and his other hand worrying her nipples so they stood hard and proud. His mouth sucking her neck, bitting gently, nibbling the warm skin. Just as Toni was going to climax, Aaron stopped and moved his hands away, his mouth still busy on making a small mark. He’d make a bigger one later, when he was atop of his love, and buried deep inside her.


Looks like my little fantasy is going to have to be a two parter. I hope you guys enjoyed that little peek inside of my kinky mind.

I wouldn’t mind something like this happening to me. Being bound to a bed, helpless and vulnerable to the man I love. Man is my imagination running wild. 😉

Hope you guys liked this one. Part two I’ll put up soon. Tomorrow hopefully. 🙂


Ello mates. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to every wonderful father out there.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad. Even though he’s not here I can still feel his presence. It’s like a little shadow always stalking me. I kind of like it. I hope he had a wonderful day and I miss him terribly.

On to more exciting news! 🙂 I was at a Festival all weekend and it was so flipping epic. I absolutely loved it. My friends and I have this group of people that’s in our family. I’ve been in this family since I was 15. In my family I have 5 mom’s and 3 dads. A ton of siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins. Our family is really crazy. Mental and in like general you know? I love them to death and they love me. I feel like I’m apart of something special.

Anyway I wished all of my “father’s” a Happy Father’s Day and it just made the day even more enjoyable. I mean I seriously dislike Father’s Day with a passion but I didn’t cry at all yesterday. I may have gotten a little quiet if I wasn’t talking and I’d be thinking about my dad but other than that it was a GREAT day!! 😀

Hope all the father’s had an amazing day.

Ciao for now. 🙂

Hey peoples..

I just wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to my mom.

She’s my life. She’s all I have right now. Ever since my dad died we’ve been closer than ever. She’s my best friend. I can tell her absolutely anything and she won’t judge. I love her for that.

I told her my kink in February. She doesn’t exactly like that I like the idea of spanking but I tried to explain about the sensuous ones, the ones that turn you on and make you hot. She still didn’t exactly like it.

My mom is a victim of domestic violence. Her ex husband used to beat on her and she doesn’t want me to go through that. I told her I’ll kick his ass if he ever puts his hands on me.

So a very happy birthday to my mia madre! 😀


Hey bloggers!!

Well like I said yesterday, Just For Fun Part 4 the last part is up today. I finished it last night! 😀

Sorry it took me so long, life got in the way. I’ve been up to my neck in drama lately, and I still am, and probably will be for a while. Nothing too serious but serious enough. I just hope it gets settled.

I’m off to college in the fall! Yay! I’m going to a state college so I can stay close to my mom and if she needs me I’m there.

Well it’s like 11:20 here and my brain isn’t awake yet. Surprise, surprise!! 😀

So here’s Part 4 of Just For Fun!

Just For Fun Part 4

Jess calmed down after her violent orgasm. Her heavy panting and whimpers the only sound in the room. Shawn stopped what his mouth was doing and removed his fingers from Jess’s core, his fingers slick with her pleasure. He picked up his limp wife and put her on the bed, her head resting on a pillow. He spooned her and listen to her breathing, his fingers tracing up and down her arm and across her breast, circling a taut nipple.

“Jerk…” Jess mumbled after a while. Her eyes closed as her husband continued to tease her nipples making them tingle all over again. “Interrupting me while I’m talking…”

“Would you have rather me not to give you satisfaction? I could’ve just left you all hot and bothered as one of your punishments.” Shawn whispered as he moved from behind her to on top of her, his erection straining his boxers.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Jess tried to shout. But it didn’t work out so well. Having Shawn’s erection pressing on her soft folds distracted her.

“Then again…” Shawn murmured as he cupped Jess’s breasts in his hands and lowered his mouth onto her nipple. Biting it and pulling it, his tongue circling it, making Jess moan and her back arch slightly. “You have been a very naughty girl…” Shawn moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

Jess moaned in ecstasy, tingly feelings racing up and down her spine. The heat in her belly rising. She fisted her man’s hair, burying her hands in its softness.

“Shawn please! I need you inside me…” Jess begged reaching for her lover’s shaft, intending to do a little torture of her own, since he won’t hurry up and make love to her.

Shawn saw Jess’s hand move down towards his groin, he smiled inwardly and grabbed her naughty hand pinning it above her head and grabbing her other hand and pinning it with it.

“Naughty girl. Very naughty girl.” Shawn growled low as he kept his love’s hands in one of his as he reached over and opened the drawer to the bedside table where he kept the restraints. You’d think the restraints would be with the other toys, but it’s easier for them to be at easy access.

“Looks like my naughty girl is going to have to learn to keep her naughty hands to herself.” Shawn told her in low tones as  he grabbed the leather cuffs he bought in Vegas and cuffed Jess’s hands to the bed frame.

Jess whimpered at once again being handcuffed to the bed. Not that she didn’t like bondage, she did, it’s just whenever she’s like this, so immobile, it makes her feel more vulnerable and more submissive.

Shawn loved the passion mixed with fear look his loves face is making. She’s so intoxicatingly beautiful. Leaning down and kissing her soft lips, Shawn’s hands massaged her breasts, his mouth following his hands. Making sure each of her breasts were properly pampered and teased he moved down finding her navel. Circling it and dipping his tongue in for a taste as his hands slid under her hips and went down to cup her bottom. His mouth traveled south and he nuzzled the silky curls and kissed her inner thighs, skipping that moist center, making Jess groan in frustration.

“I know a naughty little girl who deserves a severe tongue lashing…” Shawn purred kissing Jess’s bikini area. He blew hot air on Jess’s dewy folds and she shuddered and moaned, pulling against her restraints.

Shawn smiled and started to torment Jess. He licked up her folds, and latched onto the tiny organ peaking at him from under its hood. Licking and nipping, Shawn put Jess into her pleasure place. But she left way too soon for her taste because right when she was close to the edge of her orgasm he stopped and peeked up at her. Jess growled in frustration, her dark brown eyes piercing a hole through his head, and a scowl on her pretty features.

Chuckling Shawn resumed tasting her pleasure, the sweetness that came within her. He brought Jess to the brink but stopped, and did that over, and over and over again.

Sobbing in frustration from being denied her release again Jess cried out to her tormenter, “Shawn please! Oh baby, please let me cum. Please!”

“Hmm…” Shawn hummed against his wife’s womanhood, “Why should I let you cum little one? Naughty girls aren’t allowed release. Only good girls are.”

“Oh baby!” Jess moaned as Shawn continued the agony. “Baby please, please!” Jess begged, desperate for release.

Shawn spread her tender folds and licked the sensitive skin on the inside, his tongue barley protruding in her. Jess whimpered and raised her hips trying to get Shawn to move quickly.

Two of his fingers slipped inside Jess and fingered her while his tongue worried her clit. Right before she reached the brink he stopped and stared at his love.

Tears of frustration coursed down Jess’s cheeks as that burning, aching need between her legs was once again not satisfied.

“Ask me, baby girl.” Shawn whispered, wanting to hear Jess’s statement.

“Please, baby… please!” Jess hoarsely answered.

“Please what Jess? Tell me what you want.”

“Please let me, please let me!”

“Let you what?”

 “Please let me cum Shawn. Please let me cum for you.” Jess growled her frustration at ultimate high. Shawn smiled then started to pump his fingers in and out of her, his tongue circling and pressing the tiny bundle of nerves. Jess howled as another violent orgasm took its course, her inner walls squeezing and trying to pull Shawn’s fingers in deeper while he lapped at her juices.

 Before she calmed down fully Shawn freed himself and entered his love with one quick, hard thrust, burying his length in her. Jess withered and moaned as she felt her lover enter her.

“Look at me Jessica.” Shawn rumbled as he gazed down at his passionate love. “Look at me.”

Jess opened her eyes and squealed. Shawn’s gaze was full of hunger and lust and having him fully in her without movement was another torment she didn’t need right this second. Trying to dig her heels in and push against him, trying anything to start some movement.

“Oh no baby girl.” Shawn said as he held her still, keeping her from starting any movement. “You’ve been a very naughty girl; therefore I’m controlling this love making.”

Jess whimpered, and then howled as Shawn pumped into her, deep thrusts filling her completely and pleasuring her to an extent. Shawn would pull almost all the way out, until barley the head was inside of her, then thrust deeply and repeat that process. Nice and slowly.

 The heat in her belly was rising and rising and felt like she’d never climax or he’d ever finish. Frustrated enough and now getting highly annoyed Jess wanted more.

 “Faster Shawn, please faster.” Jess whimpered as she felt him almost leave her body then thrusted back into her.

“No.” He replied simply, wanting to make this reunion last.

Jess growled and wrapped her legs around Shawn’s waist and pulled him down making him thrust deeper into her. “I said faster. If you ever want to make love to me again, you better pick up the pace! 

“Really now?” Shawn chuckled at his wife’s threat. “You won’t be able to resist my love making baby. You won’t be able to resist my tender mouth on yours and my talented fingers stroking you, making you hot for me.”

Jess moaned in reply. Her husband’s words dancing in her mind as he started to pick up the pace.

“You’re so sweet… so hot… so wet for me.” Shawn murmured in Jess’s ear. “Are you wet for me baby? Are you hot for me?”

“Yesssss.” Jess sighed as Shawn continued to make passionate love to her.

“Gonna make you scream baby, gonna make you scream for me.” And scream she did. Jess finally reached her climax and she roared and bucked, her inner walls squeezing Shawn’s hard member making him be pushed over the edge and his cum filling her, mixing with her own.

Shawn rolled from on top of his love to the side, his guy softening and tender. He un-cuffed her hands and pulled her to his chest. Her head resting on it and their legs intertwined. Neither one of them wanting to ruin the peace and quiet of their after love.

      “I love you baby girl. I love you more than all the words in all the languages. I love you more than I need to breathe. I need you like air, like food and water. I love you so dearly baby girl it makes my heart swell.” Shawn murmured in Jess’s ear as she started to doze.

“I love you too baby, I love you too.” Jess mumbled and drifted off into a peaceful sleep Shawn’s words of undying love dancing in her mind lulling her off to dreamland.



Hope that ending was satisfying enough. I sure thought it was. 😉

I’ll post a new story soon. I might even decide to write of my fantasies from my own mind, where I’m in the situation!! 🙂

Happy blogging out there!



It’s summer time! Yes! A great time for us kids to run around and play.

I normally sleep in, stay up all night, swim, go to the amuesment parks, hang out with friends and cause trouble. I love it!!

I’m still writing Just For Fun. The last part should be up soon. I haven’t had time for writing.

One of my guy friends, who’s more like a brother, likes erotica and we’ve been trying to get Darcy into erotica. So far she doesn’t exactly have an opinion on it and she’s not into “spanking” like my “brother” and I are. But I’m sure if I show her one of my fav sites that doesn’t have that much spanking in it, she might get into it.

 Thanks for all the comments and views people! Wow.. didn’t know my blog was getting viewed as much as it says it is. I thought it wasn’t getting viewed because there were no new comments.

I encourage comments, no need to be afraid or anything, I don’t bite.. 😉

Well I think I’ll go and try to finish Just For Fun for you guys. Or I’ll go read then write. I dunno.. we’ll see… 🙂

Hello people,

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all the wonderful mom’s out there had a very special today and got showered with so much love and gifts!! I love my mom so much, she’s like my best friend and I trust her more than a normal child would. My mom doesn’t judge me, even when I told her my kink, and she respects me. She truly is my BFF (best friend forever)!! 😀

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been busy with school work and stuff. I need to take care of a few grades and do a few assignments and stuff. I’ve been dead-to-the-world tired lately. I slept 11 1/2 hours today. I was T-I-R-E-D!!

I’m sure I’ll get writing soon.. I hope more people come and visit.. maybe make a few comments or something. I’m new to the blogging world and would love some advice.

Um.. don’t really know what to say. I went to the Cinco de Mayo festival with my best friend Darcy. We had loads of fun. Her mother had to come though but we ditched her. It was epic!! And then we hung out at the Skyline, that was fun. Watching free runers and bicycle dudes doing tricks and wheelies. That made it was a great day!! Ditching Darcy’s mom, walking down the street mall, getting Brisk’s and a doughnut, and watching mostly cute guys doing tricks!! Whew.. Great day!! 😀 😀 

That’s all I got to say then.. So Happy Mother’s Day, again. And I’ll try and post part 4 soon!!

Hey there!! 😀

So it looks like there’s going to be around 4 or 5 parts.

Hey, no complaining people, as long as you’re craving more, getting turned-on it’s worth the wait!!!

Changed my blog icon. It was a puppy dog that was SUUUUUPER cute but I thought “That doesn’t really look right.. especially since this blog is about spanking erotica..” So I changed it to a lady getting a good hand spanking otk. I love the shade of her panties though. You gotta love blue. 🙂

Nothing new here, got some stuff to take care of after school tomorrow, going to stay and talk to my teachers then my mom and I are going to be doing something pretty exciting so YAY!! 😀

Got depressed early this afternoon.. thinking about my dad and all of a sudden my heart started to ache and the hole there got bigger and bigger. Still a little down in the dumps.. I’m really quiet, not like me, kind of seems like I got spanked and now I’m being a good little girl. (Pssh.. as if that would ever happen!! 😀 )

So here’s part 3 of Just for fun.

Just For Fun Part 3

Shawn bent down and kissed his wife’s pouty lips. Then he smiled at her and whispered in ear, “Nice try baby girl.” He said as he unlocked her legs and stood her up in front of him.  

      “Baby, please…” Jess whispered, so not wanting to get paddled. Her bottom already hurts, she doesn’t want it worse.

      “Would you rather I use my belt on you?” Shawn asked knowing damn well that Jess hates leather and would rather get paddled. Well *chuckle* she’d rather not get anything at all but a good girl spanking and loving.

      “No! Not the belt… Please baby.” Tears were gathering in Jess’s eyes, a little fear gripping her heart, some spilling over.

      Shawn reached up and wiped away the raindrops rolling down his love’s cheeks. “Shhh baby girl. I’m not going to whip you.” Relief washed over Jess’s features and she wrapped her arms around his neck making sure to kiss him as deeply as she could. She felt one of Shawn’s hands reach up and caress her breast while he kissed her. Shawn moved and started to kiss up and down Jess’s neck nipping the soft skin as he started towards her ear. Biting it, Jess moaned and collapsed into him her knees falling between his legs. As she started to go into a delicious passion state Shawn whispered in her ear, “You’re still getting paddled, little one.” He said as he bit her ear lobe again. Jess whimpered then moaned as she started to turn in, to what it looked like, a puddle.

      Hauling Jess back to her feet, but keeping her steady with strong hands on her hips, Shawn smiled at his passionate love. His love is so responsive to his touch; he can turn her into a bundle of nerves in a matter of minutes. It makes him smile every time.  

      “Go get the paddle and bring it to me, baby.” Shawn commanded softly. He took his wife’s left hand and kissed her wedding ring.

      Jess’s lower lip trembled a little, “B-but we have two…” She stammered, loving that Shawn was trying to comfort her.

      “Hmm… That we do.” Shawn thought for a moment. There was the leather paddle that was for sensory play, and it always brought a beautiful color to Jess’s lower cheeks. Then there was the wooden paddle that Shawn had bought when the hand spankings weren’t teaching her a lesson. So instead of belting her, because that should be used for serious cases, he bought a paddle. The wooden paddle was only used for punishments. “Get the leather paddle baby. You’ve been naughty but not that naughty to receive the wooden paddle.” Shawn smiled when Jess’s shoulders relaxed and she tried to quiet her sigh of relief.

      Jess walked to the dresser and squatted down to the one of the last drawers where all the toys were. The flogger, both paddles, vibrators (that Jess wasn’t allowed to use by herself, only Shawn was allowed to give her pleasure with those.) and other toys that shall remain nameless for the time being.

      She reached in and grabbed the leather paddle pulling it out. She closed the drawer and stood, keeping her back to Shawn as she stared at the heart-shaped paddle. It’s beautiful… you have to admit it. She thought. It was smooth as silk and buttery black with red hearts stitched into it, outlining the shape of it. She kept wandering how Shawn was able to find a heart-shaped paddle.

      “I’m losing patience little girl.” Shawn muttered. Jess turned around and laughed at the exasperated look her husband had.

      “Acquire some patience baby. You’ll need it.” Jess sassed with a naughty grin spreading across her lips.

      Shawn arched an eyebrow, trying for a stern tone and barley making it, “Is that right little girl?” Shawn questioned in a low growl, “Come ‘ere and I’ll show you who needs to acquire some patience.”

      Jess’s sharp intake of breath made the big guy on the bed smile evilly. Her legs quivered and she felt her sex dripping slightly. Jess walked over to her husband slowly and gave him the paddle. Shawn took it from Jess’s slightly shaking hand and put it on the bed next to him. Shawn stood up in front of his love and looked down into her beautiful dark brown pools. Jess sucked in a breath when she saw her love stand and get taller and taller until he was standing at his full height, his eyes sparking, and a very naughty grin on his lips.

      Shawn slid his hands up Jess’s sides and slid to her back, his fingers working the clasps on her bra, and freeing her breasts. He slid the bra straps off her arms and took the lacey and silky material with her other clothes.

      Now completely naked Jess wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck, and pressed her body into his, her breasts crushing into his chest, as she stood up on her tip toes and kissed Shawn’s delicious lips.

      Shawn kissed Jess back and cupped her bottom lifting her just a little bit more, till she was off her toes and he felt her wrap her legs around his.

      “Trying to distract me, wife?” Shawn murmured against her lips, sucking in her bottom lips and nibbling it.

      “Mmmhmm… is it working, husband?” Jess mumbled as she moved her pelvis against Shawn’s groin. His groan was as delightful as his body’s immediate response.

      “Naughty, naughty imp,” Shawn growled and sat on the bed with Jess straddling his lap, her wet heat right next to his throbbing guy. One of Shawn’s hand on her breasts and one hand cupping her full bottom. He teased her nipple, squeezing and rolling, then pinching hard enough to make Jess moan in his ear when she tried to nip his earlobe.

      “Gonna warm your bottom little one. Gonna make it nice and sore, and a beautiful shade of rosy red.” Shawn whispered and then with a little struggle (she wouldn’t let go of his neck) he flipped his naked and vulnerable wife face down on his lap. He moved her slightly so her bottom was lifted and where he liked it. It was a soft rose now, probably doesn’t feel even the slightest of sting now… he’ll help with that.

      Whimpering when Shawn put her back over his knee, Jess tried to get comfortable, wiggling a little and grabbing a pillow laying her head on it. Grabbing the paddle near her feet, Shawn rubbed the leather up and down his wife’s cheeks and on her thighs. Jess shivered slightly from the sensations he was creating.

      “Why are you getting paddled Jessica?” Shawn questioned, starting to spank her, softly making it sting but not enough to make her yelp.

      “Uh… um…” Jess stammered, not going to admit that she was naughty. You never admit that… especially when you’re being spanked!

      “You don’t know?” Shawn asked, packing a little more sting into his spanks. He’s not particularly following a rhythm but making sure every ounce of her bottom is the same shade of tinting to dark pink.

      Jess moaned. The light spanks on her sit spots, going straight to her libido, fueling her arousal. She started to rub herself using Shawn’s thigh, trying to get some kind of satisfaction.

      “Stop that young lady. You aren’t to cum until I tell you to. Understand?” Shawn growled holding her still with an arm around her waist and pulling her body closer to his.

      Jess whimpered and tried to still her movements. The paddle still kissing her skin but sharper now that she had been naughty again.

      “Has it really been that long since your last spanking little one? You’re being awfully naughty.” Shawn taunted starting to spank the tanned thighs that stared up at him.

      “You-ou spanked me-e just a-a couple days ago-o.” Jess breathed trying to catch her breath, her heart beating quickly and her sex is needy and she still hasn’t been granted her orgasm yet.

      “So it has been a while. Maybe I should start spanking you every day…” Shawn teased spanking a little more quickly and going back up to her bottom, making sure that the rosy hue stays put.

      “What?!” Jess shouted as she started to buck and twist under the hand that was holding her. She twisted around and stared at the handsome face that was smirking at her. She didn’t read any hint of joking or anything that would tell her he’s kidding. “If you even think about spanking me every day, you overgrown lummox, I’ll make your life a living hell!” She swore glaring at her husband, making him chuckle.

      “Really now?” Shawn taunted flipping over his sputtering wife. “Just what exactly do you plan on doing?”

      “Well for starters I’m going to… OH!” Jess cried out when she felt two fingers invade her hot core. Shawn plunged deep inside his beautiful spitfire, rubbing her clit with one of his other fingers then pinching slightly making Jess whimper and moan, her back arched and her hips moving, trying to get Shawn to create some movement with his fingers.

      Shawn bent forward and kissed his wife, mid-moan and invaded her mouth his tongue, tasting her, sampling her sweet taste, taking what he already claimed as his. His fingers continued to thrust and twist, making Jess arch even more, as she started to reach climax once more. He felt her hands weave into his hair and grip him, pushing his head down as they continued to kiss.  

      Shawn decided to give his wife what she wanted so he stopped kissing her, and moved to her neck, kissing and sucking gently, while her hands tried to grip his hair, his fingers down south plunged once more and pinched her clit as the same time. Her throaty cry was pure music to his ears and she rang it out into one of them. As she climaxed her body bucked and her fingers tensed, her inner walls trying to suck his fingers in deeper, and his mouth continuing to bite and suck on her neck.   

Ahhh.. so Jess did get the paddle.. Just not the wooden one. (I decided to be nice.. 🙂 )

Sooo.. how did that one make ya feel? I hope you got turned-on as well. I sure as hell know I did..

I wonder if it means your stories are good if you get turned on by them, or maybe it’s just because I get turned on easily… I don’t know… I’ll investigate one day.. but for now..

Goodnight! 🙂

Hey guys and gals! 🙂

Sorry that I didn’t post another part of Just for Fun.. I got busy after school…

Well.. if you wanna call going over a friend’s house, watching a movie with her, then helping her stretch out her legs and sort of messing around with her, then finding her iPod and phone since her uncle took them from her (she’s grounded), and going back to her room to listen to music and make bracelets, busy.. well… then yeah.. I was busy.

Oh did I mention she’s grounded for a month and not supposed to have anyone over while her uncle’s at work, yet I went over there anyway… It’s nothing new, trust me.. I do it all the time just so I can see her since I can’t see her during the weekend.

Yes and I know what the Tops and Doms are probably thinking after they read those two paragraphs “She does need a spanking!”

I told you I do… I’ve been threatened too. One of the guys who had a crush on me threatened to spank me because I was being “naughty”. One of my mom’s co-workers a few years back said I needed a spanking because of my grades.  As you can see I’m not being ignored, I just scoffed when they said that and said they wished…

Anyway.. that’s why I haven’t posted a new part. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m working on it.. Just it won’t be up tonight.. Maybe tomorrow. 😀

Well I guess I should get working on Part 3! I’m hoping this will be the last part. I’m sure it will. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful night!! 😀 Zzzzzzz…

Hello fellow blog peoples!!

Osama Bin Laden is DEAD!! Boy does that make me happy. I remember that day clearly too.. Wow.. Can’t belive it’s almost been a decade. I remember that day and the pictures so vividly. I guess that’s just one of my many talents, having a  VERY vivid imagination. 😀

I just wanted to give my thanks to President Barak Obama for ordering the attack on the compound that Osama was hiding in. I also want to thank the troops for killing him, you’ve guys been working so hard and you deserve this triumph!! 😀

Oh and just to show how happy I am… DING DONG BID LADEN’S DEAD!!! Lol.. 😀

Um.. but I’ve had an interesting night. Figured out some intersting news on my best friend/sister last night and I was crying for a while.. worrying so much about her. But we talked and I got more information and I’m ok with what I found out. It makes a lot of sense. Now I just have to do my part and do my best to make sure she knows I love her and she’ll always mean the world me and that I’ll never judge her.

Alright, enough with the sad crap, lets get down to the hot stuff! 😉  So here is Part 2 of Just for Fun.. I guess it’s going to be longer than I thought. I hope this leaves you even more hot and bothered than Part 1. 😉

Just For Fun Part 2

Jess groaned in frustration, after being so close to orgasming. Shawn always does to her. He starts to make her hot and so goddamn desirable and wanting then all of a sudden he stops.

      “Goddamn you Shawn. I hate when you do that shit!” Jess exclaimed, her temper starting to boil over. Shawn smiled at her and used his other hand to give her three sharp spanks on her panties.

      “Owww! What the hell?” Jess exclaimed. She was pissed and on edge, her temper flaring, making her face a darker color than her natural tan.

       “Naughty girl, very naughty girl.” Shawn told Jess as he began to rub where he spanked her. “You know better than to swear at me, don’t you baby girl?”

      Jess wasn’t going to answer that question. Even though she does know better and she knows she has to answer him but her stubbornness mixed with her hot head, especially now, she won’t answer for a while yet. She moved away from his inviting arms, and stood in front of him, her bristling anger raging through her.

      Shawn just smiled at Jess’s disobedience. He knew she wouldn’t say anything. Even though disobedience and him don’t get along, at all, it’s awfully adorable on his girl. Her narrowed eyes, and crossed arms. Head held high and a slight pout to her lips. She’s gorgeous when she’s disobeying, in play at least.

      “I didn’t hear you little girl. You know better than to swear at me, don’t you?” He asked again. She continued to defy him, not answering and still glaring at him. Is there anything more beautiful?

      Jess was just looking at him like he was crazy. If he thinks that she’s going to even answer him the way he wants then he has a another thing coming to him.

      Bad move baby girl… Shawn thought.

      “Are you going to answer me little girl? Or do I need to give you a good spanking?” Shawn threatened.

      Jess scoffed audibly, and continued to disobey. She knew he would and that he’d enjoy it too. He’ll probably pry it out of her mouth too. Jess walked a little farther away from Shawn, hoping to get out of his reach just in case he decided to suddenly grab her.

      Shawn saw the little movement Jess made, which it’s signally that she’s starting to regret being defiant. Good… she thinks I’m going to spank her, which I am.

      “That’s it little girl.” Shawn went and grabbed Jess’s arm and hauled her over to the bed, as he sat down and flipped her onto his lap. She started to wiggle and kick trying to get loose. Shawn pushed her legs off of his for a moment then moved them back clamping his right leg on her thighs to keep her in place. “Look at what you’re disobeying is earning you my sweet baby girl. A very good spanking across my knee.”

      Jess struggled for a moment still trying to get loose. Why do I always have to disobey? That was so stupid… and in my bra and panties! What the hell? Jess thought. She started to feel Shawn’s fingers by the waistband of her panties and he slowly started to peel them down, over her plump bottom and down her thighs. He got the lacey material so it was underneath the leg that was holding hers down and rested his warm hand on her bottom.

      Shawn started to rake his finger nails over the arch of Jess’s butt, and over the sides, to the underneath part and down her thighs. He heard a little moan escape her lips and he smiled. His hand wondered over to her inner thighs and started to go up and down them, making Jess shiver with delight. His hand wondered to her womanhood and started to stroke a small fire down south. Jess moaned again and tried to spread her thighs wider. Shawn started to rub her clit in gentle circles putting the right about of pressure to drive her crazy.

      “Oh God… Baby, please?” Jess begged, wanting to be pushed over the edge, and ride the waves of ecstasy.

      “Please what?” Shawn asked, teasing her, probing slightly into her hot, moist core.

      Jess moaned once again and pushed back against Shawn’s wondering fingers. He smiled at Jess’s movement and moved away making her whimper in frustration.

      “Please what, Jessica?” Shawn asked starting to pepper her bottom with soft spanks. Interrupting them with deep caresses and soft squeezes, eliciting moans deep in Jess’s throat. Shawn knew Jess was slipping into the subspace, he also knew that she wouldn’t respond to him if he didn’t get her out of it.

      Pressing a little harder on the small of her back, Shawn lifted his hand in the air and gave Jess’s bottom a couple sharp spanks.

      Jess jumped a little at the intensity of the spanks and cried out, her hand flying back to protect her bottom from further assault.

      “Owww!” Jess yelped. “That hurt, Shawn!”

      “That’s why it’s called a spanking, baby.” Shawn chuckled, rubbing where the pink hand print was, taking away some of the sting. “It’s supposed to.”

      Shawn grabbed the little (well little compare to his) feminine hand that flew back and locked it in his left hand on the small of Jess’s back. Jess squirmed a little, not liking the fact that she’s immobilized.

      Shawn started to spank Jess mildly, starting in one spot and waiting till it was a sufficient color of pink then moving to a different spot and turning that spot the same color pink.

      Jess hates it when Shawn concentrates on only one spot… It hurts more and packs a bigger sting! “Owie! Baby, not so hard!” She complained, wanting her hand to be released.

      Shawn chuckled; he wasn’t spanking hard at all. “That’s not hard baby girl, this is hard.” He said as he started to spank harder, turning each splotch of pink he made to a darker shade.

      “Ow, ow, ow owwww! Shawn! Damn you…” Jess shrieked as the fire in her bottom elevated from a pleasant burn to an uncomfortable burn.

      “Isn’t swearing at me what got you in this position in the first place, young lady?” Shawn asked still spanking Jess at a moderate force, not bothering to soothe her aching bum with rubs and squeezes, just making sure she gets a sufficient amount of sting packed to last a few days.

      “No!” Jess yelped trying to catch her breath. “What OW got me OWIE in this ouch position was… you Oww… being a bullyyy!” Jess tried to retort as Shawn continued to spank her… her bottom starting to tint to a shade of red.

      “Tsk, tsk.” Shawn clicked his tongue. He stopped spanking Jess and started to rub her bottom, feeling the heat radiating off of it. “So defiant,”

       Jess relaxed a little as she felt her guy’s hand starting soothe her aching bottom.  

Shawn started to add squeezes to his rubs and tickling her thighs getting deliriously close to the dewy softness nestled between her legs. Jess pushed her bottom up to his hand, wanting that hand to wander low and help her satisfaction. A low purr escaped her lips as Shawn’s nails raked along her thighs and on her bottom.

      His hand wondered to her upper thighs and pressed down, his fingers finding his baby girl’s hidden secret hot and wet. He rubbed her soft lips, the skin feeling like forbidden silk in China. A finger decided to worry her pressure nub with gentle circles and beautifully applied pressure as two other fingers entered her core, all hot and desperately wanting. Jess’s inner walls closed around his fingers wanting them in deeper but wanting his fingers to be replaced with his stiff member.

      Jess could feel Shawn’s erection pushing into her stomach… She reached behind her with her other hand and grabs his member squeezing gently. His gasp and groan pure music to her ears. If he’s going to torture me, might as well do a little torturing of my own. Jess was trying to get her hand into the slit of the boxers, trying to distract her guy so he wouldn’t spank her again, when he let go of the hand at the small of her back and grabbed her wondering hand, his fingers still probing inside of her, shoving just a little deeper, and a little harder every time.

      “Oh God!” She moaned as her mind went blank and Shawn grabbed her hand. Jess was so close, just a few more thrusts, just a few more and she could float into that wonderful place she so loves to go to.

      Shawn could tell Jess was about to climax so he brought her right to the edge with two good thrusts and then took his fingers out and his hand away.

      Jess whimpered in frustration again, a burning, irritating, non-satisfying ache and need between her legs bringing fresh tears to her eyes, a few rolling down her cheeks.

      Shawn kept hold of his naughty wife’s hand. Taking slow deep breaths, trying to breathe down his arousal, getting his mind clear. Once that happened he gazed at the squirming woman on his lap. What a naughty girl she’s being tonight, trying to use her talented hands to distract him.

      “You’re being exceptionally naughty tonight, little girl. You need to be disciplined more thoroughly than I thought.” Shawn remarked. “I think a dose of the paddle would benefit you tremendously.”

      “Shawn, no!” Jess shouted as she twisted back to look at her husband’s face. She didn’t see any anger in him, just determination, love and hunger. Jess pouted a little as she looked at her husband. She’s trying to give him the puppy dog look.

      Shawn bent down and kissed his wife’s pouty lips. Then he smiled at her and whispered in ear, “Nice try baby girl.” He said as he unlocked her legs and stood her up in front of him.


Is Jess going to get the paddle? Or is Shawn just being a mean ol’ Top (like some) and just teasing her… hmm.. decisions, decisions… 😀

I hope that got you at least a little bit horny… I mean even a little would make me happy. Hell, I was getting turned on, and I was writing it!! 😀

Well I’m going to continue to write now so..

Talk to you guys later! 🙂

Just For Fun..


Hey bloggers out there!!

Well I finally decided on what story I was going to post.. took me forever to do so. I was planning on doing that this morning and I did post one up but I took it down.. I didn’t want that one up yet.

So here’s one of my stories. I’m still writing it so here’s about half of it. I’ll write more and post the last half tomorrow.. maybe. 😉

Just For Fun

      “Come here little girl.” Shawn ordered. Jess was standing in the corner until she heard Shawn coming. Her heart beat rose and she just continued thinking why me?

      Jess turned around and saw her man sitting on the edge of the bed staring at her skeptically with a slight grin. She slowly started walking to him and stopping when she was in front.

      “Nervous little girl?” Shawn asked grabbing her hands in his and pulling her closer. Shawn isn’t mad at Jess. He just loves taking his girl across his knee, peppering her bottom with smacks and spanks, caresses and squeezes, eliciting moans from her soft, pink lips.

      “Yes sir.” Jess answered. She knows Shawn is just playing. Just the thought of it, is nerve racking.

      “Naughty girls should always be a little nervous.” Shawn stated. He let go of Jess’s hands and went to the button of her jeans. He unbuttoned them, and then went to her zipper, zipping it down. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her jeans and slowly he began to take them down. Shawn knows that this anticipation of taking her jeans down this slow will increasingly get on her nerves. Her attitude will start to burn up along with her temper. It’ll just be another reason to spank her lovely bottom.

      Jess hates it when Shawn takes his time when he’s undressing her. He’ll do this just to make her irritated. Oh yeah she knows why he does this. He always says that he loves her temper and attitude; it gives him a reason to spank her. That gets on Jess’s nerves all the time.

      Jess’s temper is starting to rise along with her irritation. The really irritating thing is Shawn is doing this on purpose. Ugh… he’s so annoying sometimes.

      Shawn knew Jess’s irritation was rising. He could see it in her flushed face. Especially since she started wiggling her hips to make him move faster. Her jeans were almost to her knees now. He’s taking his sweet ass time. He knows if he keeps this up Jess will say something or do something and it’ll just give him one more reason to tan her beautiful bottom, instead of his wanting to.

      Stay calm Jess. You know he does this just to spank you. Come on now. Simmer down. Jess thought, as she kept repeating and repeating this in her head. Shawn was particularly getting on her nerves and her swaying hips weren’t doing anything to help. Jess started to shake her legs a little bit, trying to get the tight material down father and faster than Shawn would allow. This only earned her a stinging spank on her black lace string bikini panties.

      “Be still naughty girl.” Shawn growled and continued to ease her jeans down past her knees, to her calves.

      Jess glared at her guy and stood still, with a pouty lip staring hard at him. Shawn smiled at her and leaned forward kissing her stomach right under the belly button. Jess glared even more at him, at his thought of an apology. Jess was still so irritated at him, and keeping her temper in check isn’t exactly easy.

      Jess was starting to move her legs again, tempting Shawn to move faster and hurry up and get her jeans down. This anticipation is making her irritable. Shawn had her jeans to her ankles now and was lifting up her leg getting the pants off, then lifting the other one.

      Finally! Jess thought. She just then remembered that they were playing. So technically she was getting a good girl spanking. Damn it!

      Shawn stood up and tossed her jeans towards the dresser. She was about a head shorter than he was. Shawn tilted up Jess’s chin till her brown eyes met hazel ones.

      Jess saw that Shawn’s eyes were leaning more towards green. Great, She thought, He’s up to something.

      Shawn gave his girl a sly grin, before leaning down and pressing his lips onto hers. He kissed Jess fully, and completely. His tongue demanding entrance and taking what was his. Shawn gave his girl a soul melting kiss before letting go and watching as passion and desire crossed over her face. She was leaning on him slightly, her knees buckling, and her eyes cloudy from the sensation.

      “That’s my good girl.” Shawn murmured, teasing Jess with light kisses and gentle nips to her bottom lip. “Come on little girl. Let’s see if we can get rid of this blouse.”

      Jess reached her hands to the bottom of her shirt and grasped the hem. She gently started to pull it up and over her head. She started wiggling and giggling softly as Shawn’s fingers gently tickled up and down her sides. Once she finally got the shirt up and off her head. Shawn noticed she was wearing the matching black lace bra. It fit her perfectly. Her breasts are filling it completely and spilling over a little, giving her a gentle lift.

      Shawn smiled at her undergarments. He loved her in this lace. He also loved her in the red lace as well. It sets her tan off beautifully. Shawn tenderly started to tease the soft skin covered with the silky material. Pinching and squeezing until Jess let out a small moan. Shawn stepped back a little, pushing Jess away from him and looked at her beautiful body. Her curves and long legs, high cheek bones and a heart shaped face. Her beautiful dark brown eyes, that shimmers in the sunlight. Her smile that lights up the room every time it shows. Jess is a Greek goddess.

      God she’s beautiful. Shawn thought. He reached out for her hand and took it pulling Jess closer to his body. Shawn had Jess wrap her arms around his neck as his hands slid over her stomach, to her sides, finally finding her lower back. Shawn started to nip on Jess’s ear and planting soft kisses on it as he moved down to her neck.

      Jess was panting now, and starting to intertwine her fingers in her guy’s hair. God why does he do this to me? I look like a sexual mess.

      Shawn’s lips were moving back up to her ear and Jess just couldn’t stand it and moved her head so he kissed her lips instead of her jaw line. Shawn smiled to himself. His girl just couldn’t wait could she? As he kissed her deeply his hands slipped to her panties, sliding his hand into them and cupping the warm, soft skin that they were incasing. He rubbed and squeezed Jess’s bottom, eliciting soft moans deep in her throat since his mouth wouldn’t let her have hers back. Shawn moved one of his hands to the front of her lower body and sliding his fingers low finding her wet and wanting. Jess moaned again, moving her hips making Shawn move to her clit.

      “Oh God,” Jess moaned. She stopped kissing Shawn and paid more attention to nibbling his ear lobe and nipping at his neck.

      “Naughty baby girl,” Shawn growled. His hand is still continuing its stroke and rubbing her very sensitive clit.

      Jess moaned loudly as her man’s fingers became bolder, demanding entrance, stroking a fire so strong, so hot that she just couldn’t wait any longer.

      “Shawn!” She shouted as he slowly started to rub her little pressure nub. She’s almost over the edge. She’s almost there. Then just as quick as they started he stopped and pulled his hand out of her panties resting it on her stomach.

      Jess groaned in frustration, after being so close to orgasming. Shawn always does to her. He starts to make her hot and so goddamn desirable and wanting then all of a sudden he stops.


So I hope that left you all hot and bothered. 😀 Don’t worry you’ll get to read more.. I’ll try and finish it tonight.

Anyway i think I’m doing pretty good, as far as my blog.. sure it’s not popular yet, but I hope to get some more help with that. Anywho I think I’ll go write..

Catch ya later!! 😀