Bound to His Willing


Hiya Readers!!

So.. I haven’t posted here in a while… I’ve been busy, plus I just went school supply shopping. Can you believe that?! SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING?!

June went by so slow, I was loving it. Then July comes and BAM! we’re at the end of the month. What gives?

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to be finally going to college, but honestly? I don’t want the summer to end. It’s just been so much fun.  I think this was the best summer I’ve ever had. Minus all the drama I’ve been in. Other than that, it’s been a roller coaster. An exhilarating roller coaster.

So.. I’m going to write out a fantasy of mine. Tell me what you think, will ya?


Toni’s wrists were tied above her head to the head-board. Both ankles tied to a bed post, her body on pillows, making her butt riding high in the air. She squirmed, trying to get off the pillows, tugging at the leather and fur cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She whimpered, knowing that Aaron cuffed her good and tight, and she wasn’t escaping any time soon.

“You’re being naughty. I told you no squirming. I had to tie you up to keep you from escaping. Now be a good girl and stay still.” Aaron growled behind her. Toni strained her neck trying to see where he was. She gave him a puppy dog look, fluttering her eyelashes and pouting slightly.

“Baby please un-cuff me. I’ll be a good girl. I will. I promise. Please let me go?” Toni pleaded, wiggling her bottom just for effect.

He’ll never let her know it but that cute pout of her’s always softened him. Curse him if his baby girl ever figures out how much power she has over him with her adorable pout. Not to mention her soft lips, beautiful breasts, long legs and…

Shaking himself out of the day dream, Aaron smiled wickedly and patted Toni’s bare bottom. “In due time baby girl. In due time.”

Toni only whimpered then squealed when her man spanked her a few times. “Now stay still. Or I’m going to punish you.”

“Jerk!” Toni huffed to herself, trying not to squirm. The sting in her bottom fueling her arousal, making her lips further south wet.

Aaron was leaning against the dresser at the end of the bed up against a wall. A few of his toys laying next to him as he watched his beautiful spitfire hips move, the movement making her soft folds catch the light, and Aaron groaned his response to the sight. It’s arousing enough to see his girl spread out, tied down so submissively, but seeing that she’s loving it, as he knew she would, just made this better.

“Such a naughty girl.” Aaron purred, running his hand up his girl’s left leg, to her knee. Going up the inside of her thigh, he went just high enough so his nails just barely skimmed her pink folds, but backed off and went around her bottom to the base of her spine, following it up to her neck.

Toni moaned softly when she felt her lovers nails rake along her sensitive lips. But growled when he didn’t proceed, still leaving her needy and unsatisfied. “I may be naughty but you’re a brat!”

Aaron hummed, and brushed Toni’s freshly straightened hair out of the way. Pressing his lips to the lightly damp skin of her neck, and floating gentle kisses down her spine and onto her bottom. “I’m a brat?” Aaron asked, whispered words against her hip. “That may be but I’m also your Top. Which makes you the bigger and naughtier brat.” A few gentle spanks fell on her butt as he said it.  

“Top logic never made much sense to me.” Toni mumbled, her squirming continuing as the need between her legs continued growing.

Aaron shook his head. Seems like his little girl is going to be exceptionallly naughty tonight. A wicked grin spread over his lips as he thought about ways of punishing and tormenting his girl tonight. Deliscious ways that’ll have her moaning and whimpering, yelping and squealing in the matter of minutes.

A shiver ran through herbody as she heard her man chuckle. He’s up to something. Someting evil and Dom-ish.

“Baby?” Toni hestantly said. Trying to peek at her guy through her hair. Aaron was smiling, his smoldering gaze resting on hers as he caught her eyes looking at him.

“Naughty girl.” Aaron scolded his nails raking along her bottom, making goose bumps rise and her breathing hitch. He walked over to the side of the bed and sat down on it, pulling his loves hair to the other side of her head so he could see her face.

Confusion and lust was what it was telling him. One of his hands slipped under his girl and teased her breast. Pinching and twirling her nipples making them taut. Toni moaned deep in her throat, trying to loose herself into the delicious fog.

“Very naughty girl.” Aaron murmured in her ear as his other hand found her wetness and cupped her sex. Toni gasped, the immediate contact making her crazy with need. Then she moaned aloud, her pink lips parting her eyes shut as she tried to move against his hand, a finger stroking her clit.

“Such a beautiful naughty girl.” Aaron purred then with a few more teasing circles, he inserted two fingers into his girl’s hot core while at the same time pinched one of her nipples.

Toni’s eyes shocked open as she felt his fingers become more demanding. “Aaron!”

Aaron only smiled and started to slowly thrust in and out of her. Her apperciated moan stroking his libido. He continued to finger her. Toni’s moans filling the room, her arousal perfuming the air as she moved her hips trying to take him deeper. Her inner walls tried to suck him in, the only thing on her mind was pleasure and the wonderful sensations he was creating.

Knowing she was close to orgasm, Aaron continued his thrusting, one finger on her tiny organ, and his other hand worrying her nipples so they stood hard and proud. His mouth sucking her neck, bitting gently, nibbling the warm skin. Just as Toni was going to climax, Aaron stopped and moved his hands away, his mouth still busy on making a small mark. He’d make a bigger one later, when he was atop of his love, and buried deep inside her.


Looks like my little fantasy is going to have to be a two parter. I hope you guys enjoyed that little peek inside of my kinky mind.

I wouldn’t mind something like this happening to me. Being bound to a bed, helpless and vulnerable to the man I love. Man is my imagination running wild. 😉

Hope you guys liked this one. Part two I’ll put up soon. Tomorrow hopefully. 🙂


3 Responses to “Bound to His Willing”

  1. 1 ace

    It has been ten days and Toni must be starving to death or dead of thirst by this time. I can’t wait to find out what happened to her.

  2. 2 slowsong

    What a beautiful story. Thank you

  3. Thank you for commenting. I’ve been busy with college lately. I’ll try and post the second part soon.

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